Gartner Guide for Avoiding Mobile App Development Security Pitfalls 

Access Gartner research on how to avoid data leakage from mobile apps and attacks to critical infrastructure. The paper highlights the evolving fragility of mobile environments and the app-level security solutions for enterprises to protect from these new vulnerabilities. 

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  • Choose mobile architecture with consideration of the vulnerabilities specific to the chosen architecture.
  • Safely store access credentials and encryption keys. 
  • Lock down permissions and direct access for apps to the mobile device's hardware, firmware, OS and system APIs. 
  • Go beyond obvious controls such as encryption at rest for high-value apps - harden/obfuscate code, preparing against loss/theft of the device and reverse-engineering attempts.
  • Externalize security controls, instead of building them into business logic. Evaluate post development solutions. 

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Gartner Guide for Avoiding Mobile App Development Security Pitfalls

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